About Us

GrandeAsia Fashion Junction, as the name suggests, a platform which brings everything  Fashion-connected together. We provide a unique range of services, which allows for any Fashion novice, expert or addict to indulge in.

What we have in offer:

1.An exclusive Boutique-style e-commerce out let
2. Bespoke made to order pieces (COMING SOON!)
3. Fashion consultancy

And our most enviable factor: our shockingly COMPETETIVE PRICES for  an equally COMPETETIVE RANGE!

  1. This is our primary feature, which provides all our customers with a vast choice of catalogues of designer wear, including Lehengas, Sarees, Salwar suits and many more.
    Each product has been handpicked and with the semi-stitched format, we promise to please our customers no matter what size, shape or colour!



Our Bespoke range is exclusive. We offer this service for those customers who want to sport a never-seen-before look.  This allows our buyers to customise an outfit, selecting the colour, fabric and exact fitting of their outfit. Like the pattern of a Saree but would rather wear it more modestly? Give us extra time and we can get your chosen Saree transformed into an Abaya, Kaftan or Lehenga suit! This option also provides our buyers the opportunity to support out Women-Empowerment cause. From the weaving of the fabric to the design and manufacturing process, every step involves women of a variety of backgrounds, rural, impoverished but all very ambitious. Each item in this range is unique, with a unique blend of ethnic and a modern twist, catered specifically to the wearer. FURTHERMORE, our customers can incorporate our yet another additional service FASHION CONSULTANCY into their ‘Bespoke’ shopping experience!

  1. “Fashion Consultancy” is accurate to its description, our customers’ very own personal shopping assistant! Let’s be honest, not all of us step into a shop and know exactly which item to buy or more importantly what would suit us. Whether it’s for a casual get-together or the biggest day of your life, for some of us, the mirror alone is simply not assurance enough of whether an outfit looks good on us. This is where we come in.

Book yourself an appointment with our online Fashion Consultant, to receive step by step guidance on orchestrating the perfect look, fit for the occasion and the bearer. We can advise you which colour, cut or neckline will complement your complexion and figure. Which style of earrings or hairstyle will make the best combination with your outfit.  For goodness’s sake, you can even get advice on makeup and all other types of accessories for a particular outfit/ look within this category!

All for a more than reasonable hourly rate!

We understand that no two people look the same. People come in all colours, shapes and sizes. People are beautiful- each and every one of them.